Happy Drivers

I'm still in denial that I've passed lol 😂 it has been a pleasure for, especially for you to have taught me😌 I'm joking lol I just want to say a HUGE thank you for putting up with me and supporting me throughout! You have been an amazing instructor who always made me feel so comfortable and safe in the car & you genuinely care about your students which is what makes you so amazing! I'm going to miss our lessons so much😭 we've built a lovely relationship Alhamdulilah & In'sha'Allah will maintain! Don't worry I'll be paying endless visits lol. If you ever need a rant or anything I'm a text/call away! I gotchu 😆 Thank you so much again, I pray Allah SWT puts barakah in your work always and keeps you happy and safe and secure! Lots of love always Mariah ( aka your favourite student) xxxxx

Mariah Mahmood

What can I say Samia 2 years you've helped me through everything and all the time I've been down and not concentrating you've bought me back up. Thank you fir everything you've done for me without you I wouldn't have been able to pass thanks again for being the best driving Instructor ❤️

Taslima Akther

All credit goes to my instructor amazing Samia. Couldn't thank you enough being so patient with difficult students like me. Every time I lose faith in myself, Samia believes me and gives the best advice.
My main issue with the practical test was mainly my nerves. I got panic under exam conditions but she helps me get through my biggest fear.
My driving improved a lot since I started lessons with her and she makes me very comfortable during every lesson. Now I feel more like I can finally drive on my own. Thank you Samia 🥰 god bless you 😍

Dr Pann

Hey Samia hope you're ok? Just wanted to say thanks for everything, not just for the fun lessons but for everything. Your kind words, your horrible words 🤣... the way you motivated me and made me just generally a more confident person. You're a very strong, confident and beautiful person which I pray you get everything your deserve in this life and next as you heart of gold and are always there for others. I don't know what else to write I'm not good at this kinda stuff but you know how much you mean to me and hoe much you've helped me in driving and in general. You're honestly the best instructor EVER🤪 your lessons are so amazing, not only are you a very good teacher, you're so fun and time flies! Well it did in our lessons remember 🤣🤣 we laughed through most of them lmao.
So yeah Samia thank you for everything I love you man, you're always going to be in my dua's.

Miriam Azeem

I had a great time with Samia, I wasn't having lessons for long with her and I passed in a short amount of time on my first test. She makes you feel comfortable with driving experience and she has a friendly and positive attitude. I would easily recommend her to anyone, my girlfriend will be beginning lessons with Samia soon. Great experience

Kallum Kelly

I had a great experience learning to drive with Samia Rashid who I passed my test with! She's extremely patient and allowed me the time I needed to get comfortable with moving the car before I had full responsibility.
Her teaching style is very measured and extremely effective. I didn't think it was possible for me to pass with the new strict rulings in place, but Samia's experience and track record proved to pay dividends as I passed!
When it came to getting ready fir the test she was so meticulous and paid close attention to areas I wasn't as strong in which demonstrates her ability as a highly skilled instructor, but also her professionalism. I couldn't have passed without all her support and patience and now I feel confident that I am a prepared and safe driver on the road
Overall, a wonderful experience and I can't recommend Samia highly enough!

Nimra Rashid

Hey Samia! I want to say thank you so much for teaching me to drive. You have made me SO confident on the road. Today I independently drove and I didn't feel scared or worried that something would happen. I felt confident and it all felt normal to me. I would so highly recommend you to my friends and family members. Your teaching is honestly gold standard and I couldn't have had anyone better teaching me. I just want to let you know that you are one of the best teachers I've ever had.you spent countless hours after work and went out of your way to make diagrams and other helpful charts and notes which really helped me remember important things to do like what lanes to use whilst driving on spiral roundabouts. You are a 10/10 instructor and I have 0 complaints whatsoever. Once again, thank you so much. I will miss having you as my instructor!
Ayesha Barber

Ayesha Barber

Heyy, hope your good? Just want to say a huge thank you for everything. You are so good at what you do Ma sha Allah and I pray you have lots of success in the future too. Thank you for not just the fun lessons but everything else too like your kind words and always pushing and motivating me. You are such a strong independent woman, an amazing role model and you deserve the world. Such a beautiful person inside and out Ma sha Allah and a brilliant instructor who goes above and beyond for her students. You actually genuinely care about your students which is why you are so excellent at your job. Our lessons flew past, well all we did is laugh 🤦🏻‍♀️🤣 honestly gonna miss our lessons so much we've built such a good relationship alhamdulillah which we will carry on in sha Allah 💕 the best driving instructor in town...🙌🏻 thank you so much again and I will always pray that Allah puts so much barakah and success in your life. Thank you again ☺️
Sabah xxxx

Sabah Waseem

Highly recommended, by far the best instructor in Stoke! Covered every topic until I understood them. Thank you again

Awais Mahmood

Thank you soo much for all the hard work babes, this couldn't have happened without you! You have not just been the best instructor, but also a great friend and sister! Thank you so much once again please stay in touch!! I will miss you so much XXX

Salma Nawaz

Most amazing and down to earth instructor in Stoke, who made me so confident, she is the only one instructor who can teach you in a very friendly environment that you enjoy every single moment of driving. I've achieved my dream, I cannot recommend her enough, thank you once again, may Allah bless her XXX

Hadia Habib

Thank you so much for your help and endless support in getting my license. With your guidance and patience you taught me the skills to become a safe driver. Thank you for giving me the confidence to drive and for helping me to overcome my nervousness. Your lessons were very informative, well-structured and I really appreciated your encouragement. As well as having a very professional attitude, you are also very caring and trustworthy person and I will miss all the laughs we shared X I would recommend you to anyone! I honestly couldn't have done it without you and I really appreciate everything you've done for me! May Allah keep you happy and give you more success in your career Ameen. Thank you will miss you lots XXXX

Ikra Younas

Thank you ever so much for all this time to teach me how to drive. You are an excellent driving instructor, extremely patient and experienced. Whoever wants to take lessons I would definitely recommend you. Once again I really appreciate all your help.

Jess Bentley

You are an amazing teacher. You explain things to me as many times as I needed it and showed me how to do it. You made me confident and believe that I could do it. I couldn't have done it without you. Thank you sooo much. X

Ameena Khan

I had a great experience learning to drive Samia, who I had passed my driving test with. All credit goes to her, I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to learn how to drive. She is very calm and collective and helps you overcome any difficulty you are faced with. My biggest hurdle was my nerves, Samia had helped me to overcome this fear by making sure I was comfortable (which wasn't the easiest of tasks) I started out as a dreadful driver, I couldn't have passed this driving test without her guidance, patience and support. Samia isn't just an amazing instructor, she is an amazing person inside and out.

Sehrish Qaddier

Most amazing instructor ever who made me so confident she is the only one who can teach you in very friendly environment that u enjoy every single moment of driving n you can achieve ur dream thnx alot

Gulnaz Qureshi

Best driving instructor in stoke!!! I had lessons previously with other instructors and honestly didn't have any confidence till I started taking lessons with Samia!!! Definitely recommend her to everyone 😊😊

Aneesa Rauf

Best driving instructor in stoke!! Had a amazing time with Samia learning how to drive! Teaches everything perfectly!Would always make sure your calm and relaxed when driving! Loved my lessons with her always had a laugh!!

Mariam Yasin

A no nonsence driving instructor, helped me pass on my very first try

Mehmoona Rauf

I still remember being nervous for the very first lesson after I fell out with my first instructor. But Samia made me comfortable in minutes. She was a great teacher and a friend as well, the time I used to spend in her car she used to take all my worries away and make me see the world from her eyes. I couldn't have asked for a better instructor and with her help I had my license within a few weeks. I really respect her for her honesty. Unlike others, She never wasted time or over charged or kept going on with lessons after I was ready. I cannot recommend her enough. She is hands down the best. May Allah Bless her!

Maria Daud Bhatti

Recommended driving instructor, I enjoyed every lesson I had with Samia, she was supportive and patient throughout my journey of trying to learn how to drive. Wouldn't have passed if it wasn't for her hard work.

Ruqqayah Akhter

Really recommend this driving instructor! She's excellent at what she does!!! A very good teacher.

Tania Islam

Alhamdullilah the most amazinggggggg driving instructor ever! I would recommend Samia to everyone! The lessons were in-depth yet easy to understand, don't think i couldn't have done it without Samia! She was so patient and helped me every step of the way! I thoroughly enjoyed each and every lesson. Miss you Samia!

Sannah Khalid

This girl is the best driving instructor around. Ma'sha'Allah.
I have had a few instructors in my 28 years of learning to drive but samia never gave up on me. She is so easy to get on with and makes you feel comfortable and relaxed, thank you Samia. You truly are amazing not only as an instructor but also as a person. May Allah swt bless you in this life and the next. Ameen XXX

Rabina Akther

Excellent driving instructor! Samia makes you feel very relaxed and comfortable which is essential in learning to drive! Highly recommended going with Samia ... 🙂 fantastic instructor ...thankyou Samia x

Attiya Habib

I passed with Samia, I must say I used to love my driving lessons with her, she's such a lovely bubbly person mashaAllah, made me soo comfortable and relaxed, she taught me soo much in a short space of time, highly reccomended. Fantastic instructor. Thank you Samia. Xx

Natasha Shuffs

Best instructor around! Made me feel so confident and chilled out every lesson, felt like I was just going for a drive with a friend. Thanks for everything Samia, never would have passed as quickly as I did without you and an extra thanks for all the laughs and chats throughout xxx

Hasina Ambreen

Samia is amazing, made me confident and comfortable, she is mega patient and just an absolute diamond. Couldn't have asked for a better instructor

Jamie Clayton

I very much want to thank Samia for her time and patience & teaching me to drive. Each lesson was extremely informative and I couldn't have asked for a better driving instructor. I would highly recommend!! Thank you again, Emma

Emma Spanton

Best driving instructor ever! After having a few disastrous driving instructors, I was recommended samia. She was amazing from the get go, so down to earth and made me feel so comfortable during lessons. She did not huff and puff or moan when I got the same manoeuvres wrong time and time again, and went above and beyond to help me pass my test. Could not recommend any one more highly than this amazing lady xx

Bethan Jayne McMullen

she is the best instructor I ever had and I'm so happy that she was my instructor why my driving teacher I'm soo thanks for for everything 😘😘😘😘

Maja Dunkova

Best instructor ever I can't honestly thank you

Hamza Umar

One of the best instructors you'll find in Stoke! Helped me gain confidence within one lesson and made me feel comfortable during my lessons!

Saniyah Malik

Your absolutely amazing thank you for everything the best Instructor ever!! highly recommend!! could never of done it without you!!

Aneesa Ahmed

An excellent instructor and genuinely the loveliest person, highly recommended!!!

Sabah Jahngir

I had a different driving instructor before samia, changing to her was the best decision I could have made! wonderful driving instructor, puts all your nerves at ease!

Aqsa Latif